Abrazo Style is created by traditional artisans in Chiapas and Oaxaca, Mexico. This wonderful line specializes in fairly traded, quality, hand embroidered or woven apparel, unique accessories and gifts. Adele Hammond launched Abrazo Style in 2009, she was driven to create a business that could make a positive impact in an area so severely impacted by poverty. Abrazo Style creates most of their own patterns and then collaborates directly with master artisans to bring these designs to life, marrying the best of both worlds: timeless handwork with modern design aesthetics.

Abrazo Style is a certified Fair Trade company. Their products are socially responsible and all of their employees are paid fair wages. Abrazo Style is committed to positive change in indigenous communities of Oaxaca and Chiapas, Mexico and now employees nearly 100 artisans. Abrazo Style is so much more than just clothing. It is the people, the relationships, and the stories behind the products that “make” the company.


Andeana Hats are hand made in Peru from ethically sourced Alpaca and Sheep wool which has been hand dyed. Each hat features an “Intention Band”, a skillfully hand woven, decorative band with spiritual meaning. The founders of Andeana Hats, Laura Grier and Pats Krysiak, are driven to make fashionable hats that give back. Their mission is to empower women, help support global artisans to continue their vanishing crafts, and enable them to support themselves and lead their communities out of poverty.

Andeana Hats partnered with Awamaki, a non-profit organization based in the Sacred Valley of Peru. Awamaki empowers women and helps connect indigenous communities in the remote Andes mountain regions of Peru to global marketplaces. By weaving, many women have now become the breadwinner of their families. They are able to earn money while passing down their ancient tradition.


Arae is a one-of-a-kind apparel and accessories line created by Rachael Levine in Denver, Colorado. Rachel uses ancient techniques like Shibori to compose imperfectly beautiful patterns that allow customers to express their own creative styles with every wear. She draws inspiration from patterns, textures, and colors found in nature as well as elements of different cultures to which she has traveled. It is Rachel’s hope that every customer will love wearing their unique garments as much as she loves designing and constructing them.

Rachel creates the Arae Two Tone Collection using rayon spandex deadstock fabric. Deadstock fabrics are leftover fabrics that usually end up in landfills. The Arae Zero Waste Collection is designed to use all of a fabric yardage and thus not produces any leftover, waste fabric. She also supports the Sakura Foundation, which celebrates Japanese-American heritage, culture, and community in the heart of downtown Denver.


Bossa Mar is a jewelry line handcrafted in Costa Rica out of responsibly sourced wood. Bossa Mar connects people to a more meaningful and peaceful way of living with inspiring product design and through their efforts to impact society and nature in a positive way. Founded in Miami by Gabriel and Melissa, Bossa Mar is an eclectic brand with strong influence from Latin America as well as from other parts of the world. The husband and wife duo, who are originally from Costa Rica, work with a team of artisans from their native country who love and enjoy their craft. Boss Mar reminds you that a slow pace way of living is best for the mind, body, and soul.

Bossa Mar is ethically created by local artists in Costa Rica. Their goals is to positively impact the lives of their employees through economic opportunity. The wood used in their designs is responsibly sourced with consideration for the environmental impact.


SUSU Accessories is a fashion brand whose roots are buried deeply in the ancestral art of the women from the indigenous Wayúu culture of Colombia. Each SUSU bag is handmade with love by a Wayuu expert knitter from a single thread and can take up to 40 hours to create. Every bag includes a unique bottom design which is the inspiration of the artist. The woman’s name who created the bag is included with every purchase so the creator can be recognized and honored.

SUSU Accessories promotes a sustainable lifestyle with a Fair Trade philosophy for nearly 350 Wayúu knitters and their families. SUSU creates strong bonds in their communities of artists in hope to continue keeping a traditional folk art technique alive.


The Mission of Swahili Coast is to connect the incredible artistry and talents of East African Artisans to global markets using principles of fairness, dignity, and respect. They strive to support the creation of worker-owned cooperatives and provide continuing support through fair exchange and promotion of workers rights in the East Africa region. Their products are hand-cut, hand-beaded, hand-tooled, and hand-sewn by their skilled artisan partners. Everything is made ethically in safe environments by fairly-paid artisans in Kenya and Tanzania.

Swahili Coast collaborates cross-culturally with respect, promote transparency and fairness in all of their business practices. The materials used are sourced locally when possible, such as the natural, free-range Tanzanian leather. Recycled materials like the recycled brass in some of their jewelry is also incorporated. While all of their practices exceed Fair Trade Certification requirements, they are not currently certified as the process is currently outside of their financial capacity. They would love to become certified in the future!