For Brands looking to improve wholesale offerings (B2B)

Are you the owner of an artisan made line who wants to take your line to the next level?
Have you been considering wholesaling but don’t know where to begin?
Would you love another set of eyes on an upcoming collection and your current linesheets?
Or maybe you’ve never created linesheets before and you need help with this process?
I’d love to help you! I am passionate about working with artisan lines and have experience is many aspects including:

  • Linesheet and Terms
  • Product feedback
  • Online product description
  • Product pricing
  • Creating cohesive collections

For Brands looking to improve direct to consumer sales (B2C)

Do you wish to streamline your offerings to increase sales?
Do you struggle with how to describe your products and what images you need for your online store?
Have you wanted to improve the “story telling” of your brand?
Would you like another set of eyes on your designs and feedback on how to improve them?
And if you might be curious about learning the wholesale process, we can work on that, too.
I’d love to support your brand and help to empower you to reach your goals. I believe in the value of small, independent brands and I want you to succeed.

For Boutique Merchandise Buyers

Are you looking for unique offerings for your retail customers?
Do you desire to offer something other than the “cookie cutter” experience so many boutiques offer?
Do you wish to support independent makers and brands?
Do you need assistance in finding purchasing channels that fit your needs?
I’d love to connect you with brands who align with your boutiques mission and look. I am not a rep but I have knowledge of many brands who I’d love to introduce you to.

Contact me

To learn more about my consulting offerings and pricing, and to arrange a complimentary 30 minute call, please email [email protected].