About Laura Lambrecht

Raised in Colorado by an artist and architect, creativity has always been a significant part of my life. Whether playing the piano, dancing, drawing or sewing, I have always valued the ability to express myself through the arts. Fashion has long been a passion of mine.

I have experience in many aspects of the retail industry. I owned and operated a fashion boutique which offered a collection of ethically made clothing and accessories from countries like Guatemala, India, Uzbekistan, Mexico, Niger, Vietnam and more. I have owned a hand-sewn accessory line and wholesaled to boutiques as well as sold at art markets. I also had a unique opportunity to consult for a Guatemalan nonprofit that works with women artisans. I learned first hand the challenges and importance of consistent materials, quality, pricing, and styling. I am excited to now be utilizing all of my experience in fashion through Ethos Style Collective. Because of my various experiences I feel I offer a unique perspective that is beneficial to both the retail buyer and the designer.