Representing fashion brands that share our values:
quality, integrity, longevity, and sustainability

At Ethos Style Collective, we believe fashion can make a positive impact when done with integrity and transparency. We are proud to represent fashion brands that are created ethically, supporting artists. Our collection is carefully selected and has not only met our design, quality, and ethical business standards, but highlights clothing and accessories that we believe are uniquely beautiful and are a wonderful addition to the modern woman’s wardrobe.



exceptional materials and craftsmanship



honesty and transparency in creation and in business practices



style that is timeless and created to last



made without compromising our planet

We are inspired by artists and creators. We believe personal style is a form of creative expression. We strive to help the lesser known brands develop a stronger retail presence. We believe consumers are looking for more unique offerings than traditional mass produced Fast Fashion. We value style that is made to last and is created with traditional techniques and high quality materials. We believe fashion has the ability to make a positive impact in this world. We represent designers who are doing good and creating consciously. We are proud to stand behind our thoughtful collective of brands.

Ethos Style Collective Territory 2020

Ethos Style Collective is located just outside Boulder, Colorado. Our territory includes the beautiful mountains, deserts, forests, and plains of Colorado and New Mexico. Note that Ethos Style Collective is repping Abrazo Style only in the state of Colorado.

How Ethos Style Collective can help retail buyers

Are you a buyer for a retail store, looking for unique inventory but find it to be a frustrating, time-consuming, and costly experience?

I’ve been there. I owned a retail store and constantly struggled with how to find good products. Traveling and attending Trade Shows took a lot of time and money, neither of which is plentiful for most small businesses owners.

Want to carry products from designers who create sustainable, ethically made fashion?

I got tired of searching for lines that would be fully transparent about their materials and production. Too many lines offer vague information. Labels that just simply say “imported” especially bothered me. I have looked deeply into the lines I represent so that you can feel confident placing an order.

Tired of variability in quality, inconsistent sizes, late shipments, difficulty in communications with vendors?

When I owned my store I really struggled with the risk involved placing orders, especially from small lines. The height of my frustration came when I had placed an order with a Mexican clothing line and given a 50% deposit and the clothing never arrived. My calls and emails were not answered. I finally had to file a claim against the company so I could be reimbursed. The lengthy process was extremely frustrating and once I was finally reimbursed I accepted the situation as a great learning moment.

How Ethos Style Collective can help designers

Are you a designer who struggles to make time to connect with retailers to get your brand in stores?

I understand that creating a fashion line takes a lot of time and energy and most of us have limited amounts of these. Why not focus on what you do best: creating, and leave the selling up to me. I know how to reach out to retail buyers and I am driven to sell your line – hey, we both will benefit!

Do you desire to grow your line but don’t know where to begin to get more clients?

Many artists and designers spend time and money renting booths at art fairs and trade shows, pondering how to find more sales and just juggling way too many things. Let me do the methodical research and take the time to reach out to buyers of boutiques that would be a good match for your brand.

Do you feel completely out of your comfort zone when you interact with retail buyers and try to sell your line?

I have heard from many artists who consider themselves introverts, who express that they aren’t comfortable selling their brand. There is an art to selling, just as there is an art to designing a beautiful clothing collection or a unique jewelry line. My goal is to help you succeed by using my experience and knowledge.